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The Spartanburg Housing Authority manages the waitlist for SHA7. This is a tax credit assisted property. Applications will be accepted for the following properties: Tobias Booker Hartwell, JC Anderson Townhome, Franck Gooch Apartments, Leland Street Apartments, Spruce Street Apartments, Barksdale Apartments, and Ellen C. Watson.

If you wish to apply to one of the seven properties please follow the directions below:
  1. First you will need to go to
  2. Click on Residents
  3. Click on applicant portal
  4. Click on 
  5. At the top right of the screen click on applicant login
  6. Then click on "click here to register"
  7. Click on I want to apply for a waiting list
  8. Click whether or not you have a registration code
  9. Follow the on screen instructions

Once you have successful completed the steps.  Housing will send an updated waiting list on Fridays showing who applied for the waiting list.


We will contact the you via telephone/email/mail or all of the above to schedule an appointment.